Student Support

The way of supporting students in Grades 0-9 at Qatar-Finland International School is based on the Finnish model of a three-tiered support system.

The support received by the student is flexible, based on long-term planning, and adjustable as the student’s needs for support change. Support is provided for as long as necessary at the level and in the form indicated by the student’s needs. The organisation of instruction and support is based on the strengths as well as the learning and development needs of each student and teaching group. Attention is paid to the prevention and early recognition of learning difficulties.

Pedagogical expertise and multi-professional cooperation between teaching staff and other professionals providing support is important in identifying and assessing the need for support as well as planning and implementing support measures. The objectives and measures related to guidance are also recorded in the student’s Personal Learning Plan (PLP). When planning the support, close cooperation with the student and the guardian is necessary.

SEN support
Support is organised in cooperation with guardians, ensuring that each student receives instruction, guidance and support indicated by their level. The students and guardians are informed of the possibilities of receiving support, the three-tiered support system, and the available forms of support. The guardians are also encouraged to support their child in goal‐oriented learning and school attendance.
Differentiation in our school is needed because of different learning styles, cultural backgrounds, language levels and schooling backgrounds. Teachers’ knowledge of their students is what makes differentiation possible, and cooperation between teachers, learning assistants, SEN teachers and school counsellors plays an equally important role in how Qatar-Finland International School makes sure each student’s needs are met. Therefore, in our differentiated classrooms, teachers guide and support students to work towards the learning objectives using tools, strategies, meaningful learning activities, and multiple means of instruction and assessment at different paces that suit the needs of all learners, including low and high achievers.

At Qatar-Finland International School, guidance counselling is of key significance as part of the Finnish curriculum. Guidance counselling forms a continuum that extends throughout students’ years in basic and high school education. Guidance counselling promotes the success of students’ schoolwork, progress of studies, and the performance and effectiveness of education.

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