Our educational philosophy in practice

When the children apply for school, we don’t test them in order to rank them, but to get to know their skills and abilities. By knowing the level of their overall development, we are able to plan the individual learning paths for our students.

When we create a learning environment, we don’t build it to show off to parents or stakeholders. The learning environment needs to inspire the children. We want the children to feel comfortable and safe at school.

When the children are at school, the main responsibility of all school staff is to support children in their growth. The adults of the school are not there for any other reason.

When we say that the child is in the center, we don’t just say that. Our teachers are highly qualified and committed to support each child, in as many different ways as there are children. Every child has his or her own way of learning, own interests and own challenges.

When we think of our students, we don’t only see them as students. We see them as complete persons and we are dedicated to take care of their holistic well-being. That is why we have an educated team of learning assistants, social workers and nurses as part of the expert team in the school.

When in class, we don’t only make children sit quietly and memorise information. For children ages 5-7, the most effective way to learn is through instructed play and activity. We apply age-appropriate ways of teaching, make learning interesting and support their life-long passion to learn.

When we assess the students, we don’t do it because we want to test them to compare with others. To us assessment is a collaborative process to enhance learning. We don’t believe in standardized testing, we don’t want to make our students study just for the tests. We want our children to learn for life.

When we think of the school path of our students, we don’t think our influence ends when they leave our school. We will have equipped them with skills to learn throughout their life. Children are responsible for their own learning, but our job is to encourage and motivate them to realize their full potential – through the joy of learning.

Our curriculum

The Q.F.I. School curriculum provides a well-balanced system incorporating highly academic skills and strong self-expression and creative skills. The curriculum combines the Finnish National Core Curriculum with the Qatari curriculum standards.

Our learning approach is thematic, integrated and child-centered. The learning provides the opportunity for highly successful academic learning alongside nurturing your child as a whole person. Our teachers have a high level content knowledge combined with strong pedagogical skills, a variety of methodological tools and approaches to serve the individual needs of your child.


Apart from developing academic skills, we work to support the development of the following cross-cutting skills:

  • Higher level cognitive skills, learning to learn
  • Cultural competences, interaction and self-expression
  • Looking after oneself, managing daily activities, and safety
  • Multi-literacy
  • ICT competence
  • Working life skills and entrepreneurship
  • Participation, empowerment and responsibility

My learning journey

Grade 0

$ Ahmed 5-years old

Per Month

“I go to school in Qatar-Finland International School. My teacher is Ms. Tuovi from Finland and she has fun ideas for plays. We draw and paint and we play outside. Sometimes Ms. Tuovi tells us stories.”

In grade 0 we create the preconditions for learning and experience conceptual issues on a everyday level. Instead of subjects, we organize teaching around core themes, children’s interests and topical issues ( e.g.”weather”,”healthy food”,”me and my family”).

Grade 1

$ Stephanie 6-years old

Per Month

“I am in grade 1 and my favorite person in the school is Principal Juha. He is a funny man and always smiles at us and asks us how we are. In class we talk about letters, numbers and shapes. Sometimes I get to help the teacher when I am the monitor.”  

In grade 1 we dive into reading, writing and other basic skills, not driven by the teachers, but by the children. We promote student independence and give them more responsibility for their own learning processes.

Grade 2

$ Pilvi 7-years old

Per Month

“My favorite activity in school is drawing and reading. I like doing stuff with my friends in class, my teacher often asks us to work together. I like helping Zayed because he is my friend.”

In grade 2 we work more with deepening their basic academic skills in reading, writing and maths. We value children learning together with others and embrace creativity, arts and crafts.

Educating together with parents

In the Q.F.I. School, we believe that the responsibility of learning is shared between students, teachers and homes. Whilst as a parent you are primarily responsible for the upbringing of your child,  we support you by taking responsibility for your child’s education at school.

We want you to know that you as parents are always welcome to our school to join classes, talk to staff, to contribute to our community-building. We hope you will be an active partner in supporting all aspects of your child’s learning, in and outside school.