About Primary

In the primary grades 0 to 6, the approach of the school is based on the Finnish class teacher model where the same teacher teaches most subjects for his/her class. Therefore, the possibility to integrate several subjects is very dynamic.


Most of the content topics are designed to form larger, holistic entireties where several subjects are combined in the most feasible way.

The school year is divided into three terms. At the end of each term, the students will receive an End of Term Report.

The first two terms concentrate on the progress of that individual term, while the Term 3 report card assesses the entire academic year. In early education (Grades 0-2), the evaluation will be written and descriptive.

Starting from Grade 3, an increasing number of academic subjects will be graded on a numeric scale from 4-10, 4 being fail and 10 being outstanding, still including the descriptions.

In addition to the term report, three pedagogical conferences are held to discuss the progress and learning with the students and the families. In Terms 1 and 2, the conference is led by the teachers, while in Term 3 the conference is led by the student his/herself. Student progress can also be followed in the Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) of each student.