Student council

Qatar-Finland International School has a Student Council composed of students. The task of the council is to promote joint action, involvement, and participation of the students. It inspires the students to put forward their opinions, be active, and become involved in issues that concern them and their community. The Student Council offers opportunities for practicing democracy skills in real life. Every student is a member of the Student Council. Every year classes choose a representative and a vice-representative to serve on the Student Council Board.

The board discusses and carries out the ideas and initiatives coming from students. The board meets every week and collects ideas from students, with aims of making the school a better place to study and enjoy our community. Student Council also organizes many events in our school, such as Environment Day, drawing competitions, free dress days, and fundraising. They put into action the initiatives they have, like a break equipment library, where students can borrow equipment to use during their break times.

Student Council is the voice of all students and an official way to have a say in things important to students in school life. It is a good place to practice how societies work in the adult world, how to negotiate, and how to make a difference. By making a successful initiative, the students may, for example, get money to buy new break time equipment, influence the length of the breaks, or select a destination for an excursion. By acting as participants of the student council board, they learn important skills for life, such as how to vote, how to be a chair or a secretary, and how to represent a larger group.