Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are organized to support the school’s educational and teaching work in accordance with the objectives of basic education. The activities are to support the student’s ethical and social growth and diversified self-development. The purpose of the activities is to encourage the kindling of pastimes and to provide the students an opportunity for guided educational and recreational activities in a familiar, peaceful, and safe environment.

Extra-curriculars must offer diverse activities that respect children and young people. They must also provide opportunities for positive interaction with adults and other children. Activities have an additional fee, and the participation is voluntary for the students. Approximately 75% of our students have been involved in ECAs.

The activities are organized by Qatar-Finland International School’s own staff members or outside providers. A more detailed annual plan for the extra-curricular activities is given to parents at the beginning of each academic year.

The objectives of extra-curricular activities are:


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Qatar-Finland International School offers the possibility for students in Grades 0-2 to have an additional activity lesson daily from 1.15pm-2pm. The afternoon clubs are teacher-led, structured activities designed in accordance with students’ preferences. They are available after each school day unless otherwise informed. The afternoon clubs are meant only for the students with older siblings in Grades 3-12, or for students waiting for their school bus which leaves at 2.00 pm. Afternoon clubs have an additional fee.

Our school’s Lynxes program provides top quality learning opportunities outside of school hours for the talented students of Qatar-Finland International School in music or sports. These programs happen throughout the school year. Practices take place either during the school hours or after school and are free of charge for the participants.




The School Choir performs regularly in school festivities. In the weekly rehearsals they practice safe and healthy ways to use their voice by learning various songs from around the world. The goal is to sing a cappella and in multiple voices. Everybody committed to the weekly practices is welcome. Prior experience in choir singing is not required.
In the Lynxes sports program, children improve flexibility, cardiovascular capability, and body composition, in addition to strategic and social skills. Try-outs are held for each sport separately to select the athletes for the competitive teams in football, basketball, or volleyball. There are Lynxes teams for boys and girls across different age groups. Lynxes’ athletes have also participated in track and field competitions.
The players are expected to be committed and to come to every practice and game. The Lynxes play in QPPSSA (primary) and in QUESS (secondary) Leagues with most other international schools in Qatar. Our athletes get to wear special Qatar-Finland International School Lynxes uniforms for games and act as our ambassadors when traveling to tournaments or playing home games against teams from other international schools.



The school has offered, in collaboration with outside providers, in-house camps during school holidays to allow children to spend time with peers in constructive activities during times when school is off, but parents might be working.
In addition, the school has an international camps program that offers an opportunity for middle and high school students to explore in a safe environment and to give back to the community. One of the purposes of travel is to allow the students to take part in a school community service expedition as an initiative towards education beyond school walls.