Grades 3-6

The special task of grades 3-6 is to develop learning-to-learn skills and to recognise and develop personal study habits and skills. In grades 3-6, school days are organised by subjects, but instruction can remain mainly integrative.

In the selection of working methods, the characteristics of different subjects and the development of transversal competences are taken into consideration. The use of working methods typical for each subject promotes both the formation of organized knowledge structures and the adoption of skills. Skills in finding, processing, analyzing, presenting, applying, combining, evaluating, and creating information are important for learning. An exploratory and problem-centered work approach, play, use of imagination, and artistic activities promote conceptual and methodological competence, critical and creative thinking, and skills in applying one’s competence.
Our school’s classrooms do not solely function as the premises where learning takes place. Instead, our teachers and students take advantage of the teaching and learning opportunities around the whole school, including outdoor areas as flexible and dynamic learning environments.

Grade 5 student’s school day