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Q.F.I. School is a Finnish international school that offers education according to the Finnish curriculum in English with local adaptations including Arabic, Islamic and Qatar History. The Q.F.I. High school is the first of its kind free local dating sites near me outside Finnish borders. Education given at Q.F.I. School has been accredited both by the Qatari and Finnish authorities. The school currently consists of more than 100 staff from 20 different nationalities.

Teachers work in multi-professional teams, in which they plan and execute teaching together. There is a friendly and supporting professional environment where it is easy to challenge oneself and achieve professional growth. Working at the forefront of educational export one gets a chance to constantly define, assess and improve “the Finnish approach to education”.

Furthermore, having the common goal of sharing the Finnish values and education expertise all over the world and helping countries develop towards building better societies is a rewarding task. Responsibilities depend on the position and expertise of the employee. Administration is based on a team structure.

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If you would like to join our talent pool of professionals, please submit your application and CV through the link below. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



Working at QFIS is an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally



A rich work environment with amazing colleagues



Gain achievements and experience working inside the school

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Teacher Training

The best educators have a connection with students. They play a pivotal role in creating an environment of learning, inspiration, and mutual respect. A supportive classroom environment is built on trustworthy relationships, enabling a safe space for students to learn. We welcome innovative educators to collaborate in our expert team.

If you are interested in teacher training, professional development programmes, or consultation services anchored in Finnish education practices, please apply to the ECF Trainee Pool.