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Our highly qualified pedagogical staff, Teachers, Learning Assistants and Support Team, are the reason for us being an outstanding school. They are the ones creating an engaging and safe environment for our students to achieve their learning objectives and strive for success.


Mr. Yousri Youssef

Head of School

Mr. Yousri Youssef, originally from Egypt, is an archaeologist by profession. His life took an unexpected turn when he met his Finnish wife in Cairo, and in 1990, he moved to Finland with her. Today, they have three adult children.

In Finland, Yousri continued his studies and obtained a Master of Arts degree. As his Finnish language skills got more proficient, he pursued a translator’s degree and began teaching Arabic in various schools. This eventually led him to undertake teacher studies, including special education, at the University of Helsinki. After completing his teaching qualifications, he worked as a special education teacher in a middle school for five years.

In 2010, Yousri joined the ECF Education export project in Abu Dhabi, where he served as the Head of Faculty for eight years. He returned to Finland in 2018 and worked as an Arabic language teacher at the University of Helsinki. In 2019, he joined Q.F.I. School, initially as the Academic Vice Principal, and since August 2022, he has been the Principal.

During his free time, Yousri tries to exercise and meet his friends. He describes Qatar as a safe, modern, and international country. Working at Q.F.I. School has exposed him to people from all over the world, making it a unique and enriching experience. He believes that Q.F.I. School is the right place for those seeking something different in their career.


Ms. Renja-Kaisa Martikainen,
Administrative Principal

Ms. Renja-Kaisa Martikainen has accumulated 16 years of experience in the field of education. In Finland, she worked in various capacities, including KG teacher, class teacher, and vice principal. Her expertise lies in primary education, multicultural education, music education, and physical education.

Ms. Martikainen’s interest in working in a multicultural environment led her to join Qatar-Finland International School, where she began as a class teacher before being appointed as an Administrative Vice Principal. She possesses a natural desire to develop educational systems and is a strong advocate of Finnish Pedagogy, which she believes is exceptional and should be recognized worldwide.


Ms. Tuija Lehtinen,

Academic Principal, Grades 7-12

Ms. Tuija Lehtinen is a motivated educator with a master’s degree and over 20 years of experience in the field of education. In Finland, she worked as a high school vice principal and before that, as a subject teacher, mostly in high school. 
Ms. Tuija Lehtinen has a certificate in educational administration and she specializes especially in leadership in the field of training and education as well as teacher training.

Ms. Anne Dullaghan,
Academic Principal, Grades KG-6

Ms. Anne Dullaghan has an extensive career in the field of education and brings a wealth of experience to her current position. She specializes in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), primary education, curriculum planning, and teacher training.

Ms. Dullaghan feels that her current position is tailor-made for her and allows her to utilize her skills and expertise to the fullest. She looks forward to another splendid academic year with the school’s multi-skilled, highly motivated pedagogical staff members who are committed to innovation and facilitating differentiated learning experiences for their lovely students.

Ms. Amira Taawash, 

Head of Human Resources

Ms. Amira Taawash is passionate about fostering a positive work environment and promoting employees’ growth. Ms. Amira brings 14 years of experience in human resources and business development to the school. Her journey at Qatar-Finland International School, which began in 2014, allowed her to work with diverse teams and support the school’s growth and ongoing development. 

Ms. Amira’s philosophy is centred around people-first principles. She believes that the collective efforts of its employees drive the school’s success. She is a firm believer in open communication and continuous learning.

Ms. Cecela Tan

Financial Controller

Ms. Cecela is a highly competent finance professional with over 18 years of experience, excelling in finance management, control, budgeting, and reporting. 

Since 2015, she has been at the helm of the school’s finance team, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills. Recognising her expertise and dedication, she was subsequently appointed to the Senior Leadership Team. 

Ms. Cecela Tan has played a pivotal role in establishing robust internal control systems within the school, crafting policies and procedures that ensure seamless operational activities while adhering to local authorities and regulations.

Committed to fostering sustainable development and achieving outstanding performance, Ms. Cecela Tan consistently goes above and beyond in her role at the school. Her expertise and passion contribute significantly to the school’s achievement. 

Ms. Marwa Mahmoud Head of Admission
Mr. Ossi Itäkare IT System Administrator
Ms. Genelyn Monson Administration Support
Ms. Athira Venu Accountant
Ms. Katrina Javier Finance Assistant
Ms. Rana Moataz HR Specialist
Ms. Marwa Beshir Operations Coordinator
Ms. Areej Lababneh Administration Executive
Ms. Pia Ripatti Class Teacher 0A
Ms. Ella Sarjanen Class Teacher 0B
Ms. Juliet Oghogo Learning Assistant
Ms. Ann Taping Learning Assistant
Ms. Mari Kämäräinen Class Teacher 1A
Ms. Sanna Messman Class Teacher 1B
Ms. Anna Satokangas Class Teacher 1C
Ms. Ailene Omolon Learning Assistant
Ms. Yousra Amin Learning Assistant
Ms. Jennifer Yago Learning Assistant
Ms. Laura Salmirinne Class Teacher 2A
Ms. Minna Thessler (HOF) Class Teacher 2B
Ms. Minna Kämäräinen Class Teacher 2C
Ms. Naeema Mohamed Learning Assistant
Ms. Irene Cabasag Learning Assistant
Ms. Ranya Rodyne

Learning Assistant

Ms. Emmi Koomen Class Teacher 3A
Mr. Teemu Tuononen Class Teacher 3B
Ms. Janika Pursiainen Class Teacher 3C
Ms. Rania Kojok Learning Assistant
Ms. Nasreen Akhtar Learning Assistant
Ms. Taija Sorsa (HOF) Class Teacher 4A
Ms. Anna Vestman Class Teacher 4B
Ms. Oona Sorsa Class Teacher 4C
Ms. Hina Nouman Learning Assistant
Ms. Nadia Fradi Learning Assistant
Ms. Farkhanda Aziz Learning Assistant
Ms. Hanna-Maria Hinkkanen Class Teacher 5A
Ms. Elisa Kaurala Class Teacher 5B
Ms. Nina Koskelainen Class Teacher 5C
Ms. Mariam Naimat Learning Assistant
Ms. Anna Oghogo Learning Assistant
Ms. Zoya Anjum Learning Assistant
Mr. Mika Karjanlahti Class Teacher 6A
Ms. Merika Tuononen Class Teacher 6B
Mr. Ifrah Jama Class Teacher 6C
Ms. Samar Fares Learning Assistant
Mr. Juhani Rämö Learning Assistant
Ms. Amira Al Misry Arabic Teacher
Ms. Bissan Kirresh Arabic Teacher
Ms. Iman Otham Arabic Teacher
Ms. Lama Dannawi Arabic Teacher
Ms. Maymouna Hayani Arabic Teacher
Mr. Mohamed Hegazi Arabic Teacher
Mr. Mohamed Nadim Arabic Teacher
Ms. Nehad Ibrahim Arabic Teacher
Ms. Noura Dabbous Arabic Teacher
Ms. Rania Al Sheikh Arabic Teacher
Mr. Ahmed Shahin Arabic Teacher
Mr. Jaakko Kujala English Teacher
Ms. Mariam Murtaza English Teacher
Ms. Kaisli Kemppainen English Teacher
Ms. Colleen Whyte English Teacher
Ms. Pia Loman French Teacher
Mr. Yassine Mezni French Teacher
Ms. Nadine Khodari French / Spanish Teacher
Ms. Nasira Salhi French / Spanish Teacher
Mr. Tahir Valli Maths Teacher
Mr. Waqas Raja (HOF) Maths Teacher
Ms. Sanna Hassinen Maths / PhysicsTeacher
Mr. Jari-Petteri Kautto Math / Physics Teacher
Ms. Shazia Saeed Biology / Chemistry Teacher
Ms. May Habbouchi Biology / Geography Teacher
Ms. Tuula Tervo Humanities Teacher
Ms. Marianne Leppänen-Marquez Humanities Teacher
Ms. Sami Marttinen Humanities Teacher
Ms. Ivânia Range Arts Teacher
Mr. Jouni Salmirinne Crafts Teacher
Ms. Minna Lindqvist Crafts Teacher
Mr. Kalle Haavisto Music Teacher
Ms. Carita Juvonen PE / Health Education Teacher
Mr. Robert Juvonen PE / Health Education Teacher
Mr. Jesse Kuusela PE / Health Education Teacher
Ms. Asma Valli Learning Assistant
Ms. Heba Al Hashemi Learning Assistant
Ms. Farzana Riyas Learning Assistant
Ms. Nelli Numminen SEN Teacher Grades 0-2
Ms. Henna Anttonen SEN Teacher Grades 4 & 5
Ms. Minja Kujala SEN Teacher Grades 3 & 6
Ms. Heidi Lintinen SEN Teacher Grades 8-9
Ms. Sanna Heinonen SEN Teacher Grades 7 & High School
Ms. Chaitali Shetty School Counsellor Grades 0-2
Ms. Jessica Johnson School Counsellor Grades 3-6
Mr. Ville Thessler School Counsellor Grades 7-12
Mr. Hassan Bouakir Guidance Counsellor
Ms. Jolani Rhodenizer Librarian
Ms. Irreen Palis Library Assistant