Meet Our


Our highly qualified pedagogical staff, Teachers, Learning Assistants and Support Team, are the reason for us being an outstanding school. They are the ones creating an engaging and safe environment for our students to achieve their learning objectives and strive for success.
Mr. Yousri Youssef Principal
Ms. Renja-Kaisa Martikainen Administrative Vice Principal
Ms. Anne Dullaghan Academic Vice Principal, Grades 0-6
Ms. Amira Tawaash Head of Human Resources
Ms. Cecela Tan Financial Controller
Ms. Hanaa Konbaz Head of Admission
Mr. Bart van Klaveren IT System Administrator
Ms. Genelyn Monson Administration Support
Ms. Athira Venu Accountant
Ms. Katrina Javier Finance Assistant
Ms. Rana Moataz HR Specialist
Ms. Marwa Mahmoud Administration Executive
Ms. Nelli NumminenClass Teacher 0A
Ms. Elina MyrttinenClass Teacher 0B
Ms. Ella SarjanenClass Teacher 0C
Ms. Ailene OmolonLearning Assistant
Ms. Yousra KamelLearning Assistant
Ms. Jennifer YagoLearning Assistant
Ms. Pia RipattiClass Teacher 1A
Ms. Minna ThesslerClass Teacher 1B
Ms. Tintti KarvonenClass Teacher 1C
Ms. Hanna-Maaria Linja-aho (HOF)Class Teacher 1D
Ms. Juliet OghoghoLearning Assistant
Ms. Irene CabasagLearning Assistant
Ms. Macarena BarriosLearning Assistant
Ms. Laura SalmirinneClass Teacher 2A
Ms. Mari KämäräinenClass Teacher 2B
Ms. Tanja KauppilaClass Teacher 2C
Ms. Naema MurtazaLearning Assistant
Ms. Rania KojokLearning Assistant
Ms. Ann TapingLearning Assistant
Ms. Taija Sorsa (HOF)Class Teacher 3A
Ms. Anna VestmanClass Teacher 3B
Mr. Jan KrappalaClass Teacher 3C
Ms. Zoya AnjumLearning Assistant
Ms. Nasreen AkhtarLearning Assistant
Ms. Henna (substituting)Class Teacher 4A
Ms. Elise KauralaClass Teacher 4B
Mr. Ville ThesslerClass Teacher 4C
Ms. Ranya RodyneLearning Assistant
Mr. Mika Karjanlahti (HOF) Class Teacher 5A
Mr. Janne Järvinen Class Teacher 5B
Ms. Jarna Vuori Class Teacher 5C
Ms. Anna Oghogo Learning Assistant
Ms. Ifrah Jama Class Teacher 6A
Ms. Sanna Heinonen Class Teacher 6B
Mr. Elias Syksy Class Teacher 6C
Mr. Teemu Tuononen Class Teacher 6D
Ms. Farzana Riyas Learning Assistant
Ms. Amira Al Misry Arabic Teacher
Ms. Bissan Kirresh Arabic Teacher
Ms. Iman Otham Arabic Teacher
Ms. Lama Dannawi Arabic Teacher
Ms. Maymouna Hayani Arabic Teacher
Mr. Mohamed Hegazi Arabic Teacher
Mr. Mohamed Nadim Arabic Teacher
Ms. Noura Dabbous Arabic Teacher
Ms. Rania Al Sheikh Arabic Teacher
Mr. Ahmed Shahin Arabic Teacher
Mr. Jaakko Kujala (HOF) English Teacher
Ms. Mariam Murtaza English Teacher
Ms. Kara Schultz English Teacher
Ms. Colleen Whyte English / Humanities Teacher
Ms. Pia Loman French Teacher
Ms. Kerttuli Palovaara French Teacher
Mr. Yassine Mezni French Teacher
Ms. Maarit Peltomäki Spanish Teacher
Ms. Nadine Khodari French / Spanish Teacher
Mr. Tahir ValliMaths Teacher
Mr. Waqas RajaMaths Teacher
Mr. Mikael NybergMaths Teacher
Mr. Abdulkadir AhmadPhysics Teacher
Ms. Shazia SaeedBiology / Chemistry Teacher
Ms. May HabbouchiBiology / Geography Teacher
Ms. Maisa PenttalaHumanities Teacher
Ms. Mary AlexanderHistory / Geography Teacher
Ms. Tuula TervoHumanities Teacher
Ms. Ivânia RangeArts Teacher
Mr. Jouni SalmirinneCrafts Teacher
Ms. Minna LindqvistCrafts Teacher
Ms. Junelle BouakirMusic Teacher
Ms. Elena PushynskaPE / Health Education Teacher
Mr. Robert JuvonenPE / Health Education Teacher
Ms. Lourdes BejarLearning Assistant
Ms. Nadia FradiLearning Assistant
Ms. Heba Al HashemiLearning Assistant
Ms. Marjukka KrappalaSEN Teacher Grades 0-2
Ms. Henna AnttonenSEN Teacher Grades 3-4
Ms. Minja KujalaSEN Teacher Grades 5-6
Ms. Heidi LintinenSEN Teacher Grades 7-8
Ms. Saara Koskelainen (HOF) SEN Teacher Grades 9-12
Ms. Chaitali ShettySchool Counsellor Grades 0-3
Ms. Jessica JohnsonSchool Counsellor Grades 4-6
Ms. Nazia HanifSchool Counsellor Grades 7-12
Mr. Hassan BouakirGuidance Counsellor
Ms. Holly Crewe Librarian
Ms. Irreen Palis Library Assistant