Grades 10-12

What is a Q.F.I. School Graduate like?

An open-minded, respectful, independent, active Global citizen

The mission of education at Qatar–Finland International High School is to offer the best possible education to students and to give them an opportunity to grow into active and independent global citizens. The goal is to strengthen transversal competencies, critical thinking, and overall well-being.

Qatar–Finland International High School educates competent young adults, who are lifelong learners. They understand the values of sustainable development and the strengths of a multicultural and multilingual society. They have the theoretical and technical skills needed to continue to higher education. They are familiar with university studies, working life and have good self‐evaluation skills. They are curious to learn new things.

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During high school education, students gather experiences of various ways to build new knowledge and ability across the boundaries of individual subjects. Students develop their information acquisition and application capabilities and problem‐solving skills. Student also gather experience of inquiry‐based learning and participation in conducting science and research. The instruction reinforces the students’ multiliteracy, allowing them to understand the languages characteristic of different fields of science and arts as well as to produce and interpret different kinds of texts. The students become disciplined to assess the reliability of information. Students learn to use their own first language and the language of instruction in functional and appropriate ways. The instruction guides the students in advancing their knowledge on information and communication technology and using it appropriately, responsibly, and safely both when working individually and with others.

In grades 10-12, the school year is divided into five periods. After each period, students will receive a report card which contains all the module grades the student has completed. This report card also includes the number of credits a student has achieved in these subjects. Grading is done on a numeric scale from 4 to 10, 4 being fail and 10 being outstanding. At the end of Grade 12, students will receive a transcript which contains averages as well as the number of credits of all the subjects the student has studied throughout the three years of high school.

Students in high school study following their own individual three-year study plan. Guidance counselling plays a large role in supporting students in their studies. To graduate from Qatar-Finland International High School, students will need to achieve a minimum of 150 study credits during their three years of high school.

Students take the only standardized exam at the end of high school (Grade 12). The final exam for Qatar-Finland International High School students is an English language version of the digital Finnish International Final Exam (FIFE), which is produced by EduCluster Finland Ltd (ECF), EduTen Ltd, and the Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER). It has also been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar and is considered to be the equivalent of the Qatari final exam for high school students. Students will take part in a minimum of six exams; English is mandatory for all students and in addition to this they will choose five other exams from the list below:


Learn more about the Finnish International Final Exams (FIFE) by visiting this link.