Grades 0-2

Our students are taught how to be responsible and independent starting from Grade 0. At this stage, our 5–6-year-old students learn in age-appropriate ways how to take care of themselves, their own belongings, and school supplies. Students have jobs and duties as classroom helpers, such as teacher’s assistant, calendar helper, line leader, door holder, tidier, chair monitor, and pencil sharpener. Their tasks change on a regular basis, helping develop their growth, self-management, sense of responsibility, and independence.

For grades 0-2, the learning is organized through heavily integrated themes raising from the curriculum topics and the students’ interests. At this level, making a clear distinction whether children are studying e.g. Math or Arts is not relevant, but rather the relevance raises from the organized learning activities and their connection to the students’ lives. In grades 0-2, learning takes place through play and active participation in collaborative knowledge construction.

When in class, we do not believe in making students sit quietly and memorize information. Keeping students active is a key feature in all grade levels in our school. Particularly for students ages 5-7, the most effective way to learn is through structured and guided play and activity. We apply age-appropriate ways of teaching, make learning interesting, and support their life-long passion to learn.

Grade 2 student’s school day