Events at Q.F.I. School

The school has its annual events such as International Day, Qatar National Day, Winter Fest, Sports Day and Art Night. In addition, specific theme days have been organized, for example Character Day, World Book Day, and Kindness Day. Many events are arranged with a close collaboration with the Parent Association.

Parent evening 0-6

Our News & Events We are organizing a parent evening on Monday August 29 for students in grades 0 to 6. Please join us!

Grade 12 Graduation

Our News & Events On June 15th we celebrated the first ever graduates from Qatar-Finland International High School. Congratulations!

World Storytelling Day

Our News & Events World Storytelling Day, on March 20, is a day that celebrates the art of storytelling. Whether the story has words, pictures,

Qatar National Day

Our News & Events Qatar National Day Celebrations December 15th Q.F.I. School is celebrating Qatar National Day.

International Day

Our News & Events International Day November 28th – Students can dress up in national costumes, wearing national colors or accessories that represent their own

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Anything But Backpack Day

Our News & Events Anything but backpack day November 25th Bring your study material and belongings in anything but a backpack.