Q.F.I. Academy

coordinates the Extra Curricular Activities offered at Q.F.I. School for students and for those parents who have become members of the Lynxes Academy.

It organizes School Tours for potential clients as well as offering opportunities for educators to experience our famous Joy of Learning by attending an Educators’ Tour. Q.F.I. Academy provides professional development opportunities for the pedagogical staff of Qatar-Finland International School and other educational institutes and works to build and remain in good relations with stakeholders and partners in education in Qatar and abroad.

Finnish education

has repeatedly been reported one of the best in the world by many global studies and rankings such as PISA, TIMMS and PIRLS. Many countries that have recognized education as the key for future competitiveness and prosperity are interested in applying Finnish expertise in practice to create the world’s best performing education and schools.

Finnish strengths in education consist of a socio-constructivist concept of learning, excellent school operations, quality teacher training, modern and effective learning materials, constructive assessment and evaluation, and flexibility across the education system.

Q.F.I. Academy:

Lynxes, ECA, School Tours, Teacher Training, School Collaboration, PD, Conferences, Membership Program

Q.F.I. School:

School Operations

What we offer

Training, Mentoring and Consultancy

We offer wide ranging in house training courses that can be adapted and delivered from your premises.

Our experts can equip you with new innovative methodologies helping you to sustain a positive learning environment productive to your learners’ needs and teaching practises.

We can offer you a tailor made package on the following:

Cognitive skills

Administrative planning

Active learning

Student assessment


Team Building

Cross-curricular planning

Modern methodology

Classroom management

Socio-emotional skills

Special educational needs within the classroom

Age-appropriate & child centred approach

Phenomenon based learning

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

The Academy offers a wide variety of non-paid and paid Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) for the students of Q.F.I. School organized by our own staff and outsourced companies. The objectives of extra-curricular activities are:

  • to support the educational work of the home and school
  • to increase involvement on the part of children and young people
  • to provide opportunities for developing social skills
  • to nurture a sense of community
  • to provide opportunities to feel capable and successful
  • to promote creativity
  • to promote constructive pastimes

Membership Program

Is being designed at two different levels. These programs will include but not be limited to:

* Access to healthy lifestyle activities including fitness and nutrition workshops
* Access to family based activity programs before school, after school, evenings and/or weekends
* Access to some school facilities for special reservation and rental requests

* Access to routinely scheduled life skills courses, leadership and team building events
* Access to ECA’s, Holiday and Summer Camps held at the school with discounted prices
* Access to supervised and structured child-care before school and after school


School Tours, Teacher Training, Consultancy, Expeditions, Conferences & School Collaboration

Minna Repo
Lead Expert
Phone | +974 5501 2649
E-mail | minna.repo@qfischool.com

ECAs, Lynxes, Camps & Membership Program

Eric Gardow
Head of Lynxes
Phone | +974 3344 9625
E-mail | lynxes@qfischool.com