Heading for Qatar

I am a passionate traveller. It’s fascinating to explore new places as they wake up my curiosity and make me walk with open senses. I feel very much alive.

Now I am about to start a very special journey. This time it’s not about travelling. It’s about working and living somewhere I’ve never been before. For sure I’m excited.

Maybe this all started on my Christams holiday in Jamaica. On New Year’s Eve it was time for the New Year’s resolution. I promised to improve myself professionally and to search for new viewpoints and ideas personally. I was ready for challenges. Looking at the sunset in the Caribbean I felt quite determined.

Eyes wide open, fingers crossed. In January I visited the annual education fair Educa in Helsinki. Among other things I had a very invigorating conversation with EduCluster representatives. Afterwards the meeting popped into my mind over and over again. Is this the challenge I was looking for?

I started asking myself more questions and reflected on things talked about and told at the fair. This all empowered me greatly and encouraged me to move forward. So quite soon I was on my way to an appointed meeting. No doubt I had some butterflies in my stomach. For no reason, as the meeting appeared to be easygoing and relaxed.

Easter approached and it was time for my next journey, to Northern Poland. We arrived at Olsztyn, the town where Nicolaus Copernicus introduced the concept of a heliocentric system at the Middle Ages. At the hotel I got my phone connected to wifi and opened the first email. I was offered a position as a teacher in Qatar.

I was speechless. I needed a cup of coffee, a strong one, immediately. I had a decision to make, within a week. Was I ready to step out of my comfort zone? After a well slept night I knew the answer. Yes.

After returning home it was time to start the count-down. And it’s on. My mind is focused on the changes ahead. Preparing things for leaving home and relocating to Qatar makes the to do list challenging and keeps me busy.

Therefore it’s necessary to have pauses and calm down. Walking outdoors works well for me. Now the nature has started its blossoming, it’s green and bright. That helps me to see and understand the essence of life. The new growth.

Bringing up children is one of the most challenging responsibilties one can have. To be a teacher is to walk besides pupils, supporting and encouraging each of them to search for their strengths and the skills needed to build their very special future.

Now I’m looking forward to meeting my new colleagues. It’s interesting to see what kind of practices we’re going to build and carry on when working together. I’m eager to learn and ready to give my best for that. One plus one equals more than two.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

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