Our dedicated team

At Q.F.I. School, we promote communication and collaboration. Here you can find contact details for all our school operations and education services.


Al Kheesa area, Zone 70, Street 461, Building 90, Doha, Qatar, PO Box 27888

For general enquiries: info@qfischool.com

Email addresses for all staff members: firstname.lastname@qfischool.com

In all student-related matters, the first point of contact is always your child’s class or homeroom teacher.

Q.F.I. School main line | +974 4012 7890
Front desk:
Ms Marwa Mahmoud | +974 4012 7885
Head of Admissions:
Ms Hanaa Konbaz | +974 5032 2893
Finance Office
 | +974 4012 7900
IT Support:
Mr Bart van Klaveren | +974 4012 7887
Activity Coordinator: 
Mr Jan Krappala | +974 5513 7827

Academic Principal Grades 03: Ms Hanne Patomäki | +974 3345 4875
Academic Principal Grades 46: Mr Sampsa Melkas | +974 6645 6039
Academic Principal Grades 7–12: Ms Tarja Männikkö | +974 3372 8539
Head of HR: Ms Amira Taawash | +974 4012 7895
School Nurse: Ms Poornima Vijayan | +974 4012 7896
School Counsellor Grades 02: Ms Chaitali Chetty | +974 6641 3516
School Counsellor Grades 36: Ms Jessica Johnson | +974 6601 3868
School Counsellor Grades 712: Ms Nazia Hanif | +974 6614 2395
Guidance Counsellor: Mr Hassan Bouakir | +974 4012 7897

Administrative Vice Principal: Mr Yousri Youssef | +974 5046 9757
General Manager / Principal: Mr Nikke Keskinen | +974 6652 2847

School canteen:
Jazz Café, Managing Partner Jeronimo Dsouza | +974 3360 8088

School uniforms:
Noble House Trading | +974 4039 0264
Trutex Qatar | www.trutexqatar.com

School transport:
Traveller Trad | +974 7064 9696

Outsourced activities:  All enquiries about outsourced activities need to be addressed directly to the provider.


If you would like to join our team of professionals, please send your application and CV through the link below.


The best educators have a connection with students. They play a pivotal role in creating an environment of learning, inspiration, and mutual respect. A supportive classroom environment is built on trustworthy relationships, enabling a safe space for students to learn. We welcome innovative educators to collaborate in our expert team.

Ms. Amira Taawash, Head of HR

EduCluster Finland

Our school is powered by EduCluster Finland. EduCluster Finland (ECF), University of Jyväskylä Group, engages in international operations pioneering expertise over the entire Finnish educational spectrum. Drawing on the experience of leading-edge Finnish educational organisations, ECF has been involved in 200+ international projects over the past eight years.

VP Ms. Hanne Patomäki

If you are interested in teacher training, professional development programmes, or consultation services anchored in Finnish education best practices, please contact Ms Hanne Patomäki.

Vice Principal: Ms Hanne Patomäki | +974 3345 4875

If you would like to visit our school to see what it is all about you can book a tour. We organize weekly school tours for parents. Please use the button below. If you are an educator and are more interested in the Finnish approach to education, please get into contact with Ms Hanne to get a tour tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Mr. Nikke Keskinen, General manager and Principal

If you are an investor exploring the option of co-creating a school powered by EduCluster Finland, your first point of contact is EduCluster Finland General Manager Nikke Keskinen.

ECF General Manager: Mr Nikke Keskinen  | +974 6652 2847

Message from the board

The members of the Board of Trustees for Qatar–Finland International School would like to express their honour to serve the school in its academic and administrative efforts. We are proud to be chosen for and by a school whose administration and teachers are a model for excellent education in Qatar. We commend Qatar–Finland International School for establishing a strong partnership with parents, and we strongly value this partnership. We would also like to build on it and extend it to reach different parts of the community. Such efforts will play an influential role to encourage our children to excel educationally, intellectually, and socially. The profession of teaching is almost a sacred one, in our culture. We recognize the difficulties, challenges, and rewarding results associated with it. Therefore, we would like to recognize such great efforts, which surely will be seen in our children’s progress to be as successful as their school, parents, and society want them to be. The Trustees will be part of this partnership by providing all kinds of support. Please let’s hear from you by contacting our Board’s Chair: Mr. Saeed Al-Sayed | s.alsayed@edu.gov.qa