Principal Juha Repo

“Welcome to the journey of learning with us! Just as we need to know where we are going, so we also realize that a destination can be achieved through differing routes. Each route is an individualized learning path. Each invites opportunities to stop, listen and engage. At Qatar-Finland International School, we will equip your child with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to embark on this journey. Hand-in-hand with you, the parents, we will shortly join with the flow of this exciting learning journey. I’m privileged to have such an amazing team of people working at the school — If there are any questions or comments you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact the following key contact personnel. We also have collected some of the most frequently asked questions, so some answers can be found there as well!”

Contact Information

Reception/Admin support: Ms. Hanaa Konbaz – 4012 7890

Transportation Office: 5007 9317

Vice Principal Grades 0-2: Ms. Hanne Patomäki – 3345 4875

Vice Principal Grades 3-8: Ms. Tarja Männikkö – 3372 8539

Head of Admissions: Ms. Sarah Kahoul – 5032 2893

School Nurse: Ms. Jane – 4012 7896

School Counselors:
Ms. Chaitali – 6641 3516
Ms. Amal – 6614 2395
Ms. Nazia – 6601 3868

Finance Office: 4012 7900

Teachers can be reached through email

The teaching staff and parents will collaboratively define other communication channels if needed. The school will not give out the personal contact information of the teaching staff.

In all student-related matters, the first point of contact is always your child’s class or homeroom teacher.


Frequently Asked Questions

You say that in Q.F.I. School the child always comes first. What do you mean by that?

QFIS school says ‘the child always comes first’. What does this actually mean in practice?

What is so special about Finnish education? How is it different from other systems?

The Finnish education system has been ranked at the top of world education systems in many international rankings over the last 15 years. There are many reasons for this, but some of these are that instead of standardized education or memorizing information, we create individualized learning pathways and believe that by supporting each child’s individual development, everyone can achieve excellent results. Another reason is that Finnish teachers are very highly educated and pedagogically qualified, all with Master’s Degrees in Education.

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My daughter is 5 years old, in what grade would she be placed in the Qatar-Finland International School?

Typically your daughter would be placed in grade 0 in our school, but we will make an admissions test to see her skills and abilities and then make the final suggestion on which grade she will be placed.

What curriculum will you follow in Q.F.I. School?

Our curriculum is based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum, adapted to the Qatari context to include local social studies and Arabic.

Will Q.F.I. School have school uniforms?

Yes, we will provide instructions and the school uniform policy will be on our website and in parent handbooks.

Do you have sibling priority?

The siblings of existing students are prioritised in the admissions process. However they still need to go through the normal assessment.

School Visit

To take a peek into our famous education system and to experience the joy of learning, please apply for a school tour. The tour includes a walk around the premises, class visits and some discussion time.

Q.F.I. School for Educators

If you would like to be a part of our team of professionals, please send your application with your CV though the link below.

The best educators have a connection with the students. They play a critical role in creating an environment of learning and mutual respect. Forming a successful classroom environment requires trustworthy relationships that provide a safe space for students to take risks and learn by getting out of their comfort zone. We look for educators who are willing to challenge each student according to their potential, promote a collaborative supportive environment, and engage ongoing self-development as a person and as a professional.

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