Q.F.I. School is an international state-of-the-art school for Grades 0 to 12, and we welcome student applications all year round.

The best way to breathe in the atmosphere of a school is to experience it for yourself. That’s why we invite you as prospective families for a personalised visit to explore our school. The on-site school tours are organized every Wednesday, please click the button below to make a booking. Virtual School Tours are delivered via this Zoom link on Wednesdays at 8.15-8.45. No pre-registration needed. For further information, please see this booklet or contact Mr. Sampsa.

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Class placement in Q.F.I School - please select the date of birth below:

In AY 2021–2022: not possible, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 0

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 0, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 1

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 1, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 2

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 2, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 3

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 3, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 4

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 4, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 5

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 5, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 6

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 6, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 7

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 7, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 8

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 8, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 9

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 9, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 10

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 10, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 11

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 11, in AY 2022–2023: Grade 12

In AY 2021–2022: Grade 12, in AY 2022–2023: contact admissions

“We are here to support you in making one of the most important decisions in your child’s life.”

Minna Repo, Lead Expert

Admissions process


Before beginning the application process, read through our Admissions Policy found in the Handbook


Complete the online admission form

Make sure you fill in all mandatory fields in the admission form and that you upload all the required attachments in English. Please note that if any of the required information is missing, we will not be able to proceed with your application process.

You can find a detailed list of the required attachments in our School Policies (see School life).


Application review

The school’s admissions team reviews the application and attachments. The team then determines the appropriate grade level for the entrance assessment.

Entrance assessment

We wish to meet each applicant in person. This is why we invite each child or teen to attend the entrance assessment in a small group setting. The assessment reflects Finnish curriculum standards and is based on a holistic evaluation of the prospective student's learning. This means we place equal value on academic, social, emotional, behavioural, and motor skills. Detailed information including assessment test procedures and instructions for how to pay the non-refundable QAR 500 assessment fee can be found in the Handbook.


The school admissions team make the final decision regarding admissions. We will notify you whether we are able to accommodate your child at Q.F.I. School.


Pay the registration fee (QAR 2,500) and the seat reservation fee (QAR 2,500, deducted from the Term 1 tuition fee), and sign and return the school policies found in the box below.
Policies to sign (in pdf)

Fee structure

Placement Test: QAR 500
Registration: QAR 2,500

Tuition fees:
Grade 0:  QAR 44,125
Grade 1–6: QAR 48,537
Grade 7–9: QAR 54,604
Grade 10-12: QAR 61,885