Finnish education

the diamond standard

Qatar-Finland International School is an inspirational learning community, where success and well-being go hand in hand.

When we talk about offering world-class education, it’s not just talk. The Finnish education concept is internationally acclaimed for its impressive track record in producing high-ranking student performance, while nurturing well-being for the whole learning community. We are proud to be the first Finnish International School in Qatar, powered by EduCluster Finland. This means that we live and breathe Finnish expertise in everything we do.

“Finland’s primary education is the best in the world.”

The World Economic Forum (WEF), The Global Competitiveness Report 2017–2018: Primary Education

“Finland ranks as the top OECD country in education.”

OECD, Better Life Index: Education

“Finland ranked third in preparing students for the demands of work and life.”

The Economist and Intelligence Unit, Worldwide Educating for the Future Index 2017

When we say ‘with us, learners study for life, not school’

we mean that our approach to education is deeply holistic. Not only do we inspire success, we also nurture well-being. We don’t think of our students as just students. We see them as complete people, who have their own way of learning, own interests and challenges, and who craft their own future. We think that in this ever-changing globalised world, academic skills alone are not enough. Our students are equipped with competences to apply knowledge they learn at school in their future ventures.

When we talk about teaching,

we never fail to mention that high quality teachers are the hallmark of Finland’s education system. That is why every teacher in our school has a teacher qualification and is trained in evidence-based teaching and learning methods used in Finland. As a centre of excellence, we also utilise this expertise to serve forward-thinking educators in GCC countries.

When we create a learning environment,

we don’t build it to impress parents or stakeholders. Our indoor, outdoor, and digital spaces are built around innovative teaching methods for the primary purpose of supporting our students on their learning journey. These spaces are carefully designed to be comfortable, flexible, and to inspire learning in all its forms.

When we say parents are welcome,

we mean it. We understand that parent participation is invaluable to the successful functioning of our school community, and that is why we value your ideas and take your feedback seriously. You are always welcome to visit and talk to us.

In our learning community, people believe in

Respect for diversity

We are different yet we are the same. Let’s embrace this.

Responsibility for learning

We are all learners for life. We trust the professionalism of our teachers, and we trust our students to be proactive learners.

Courage to be creative

To be a pioneer is to take educated risks. To be an innovator is to use your imagination.

Collaboration for shared success 

Working together works.

Global citizenship 

We are citizens of the world, confidently navigating our own path to reshape the future.

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